Community Support for COVID-19 Stay at Home Delivery Program

In Partnership with the St. John Community Foundation

As soon as the Stay at Home order was in effect in the US Virgin Islands Territory, the St. John Community Foundation committed to delivering hot meals and groceries to 130 households on St. John.  The recipients of these meals are shut-ins, seniors and multi generational families.  VI Staffing Solutions coordinated with St. John restaurants still open for take-out services in support of this program.  In an effort to supplement the existing program for the St. John Community Foundation AND assist in keeping these establishments open during this economical downturn, we are committed to PURCHASING hot meals for the recipients of these deliveries.  Each day, Monday thru Friday, we allocate 50 hot meals from St. John restaurants for the St. John Community Foundation staff to pick up and deliver. 

We also include a different group of front line workers to the delivery route each day.  




Please see below the list of participating vendors and order your take out TODAY to help us support them!  Links are provided to their FaceBook pages for updated menus and specials!

STJ Brewer's - The Tap Room

The North Shore Deli

Shaibu's Gourmet Grab and Go

Cafe Roma

To support the SJCF's delivery program, click HERE to DONATE!


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